In my last post, “How To Destroy The Web 2.0 Look” based on Elliot Jay Stocks’ proposal, I showed some sites that illustrate an opposing  trend to the current popular style. This new look has rich textures and an organic feel. The purpose behind these designs is to come up with different web design approaches that to try to build up and express the each site’s personality. Now, in contrast, I would like to show 16 Beautiful, Simple Websites that are clearly influenced by the “W2L” a.k.a. “Web 2.0 Look” (brilliant contrasting colors, central layouts and big text) but you won’t see any Diagonal Lines, reflections nor “Special offer” badges while maintaining that sleek feeling from W2L.

So, we see that you can embrace trends without falling into their specific clichés. Here we see that we can still incorporate beautiful, clean designs without being a Photoshop artist.

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