2587+ Free MS Powerpoint Templates

Your cousin asks for help on a presentation about wild life in Africa, but you have a deadline the same day with your client and he is already sending emails and trying to get you on instant messenger. Sounds familiar? Designers have to deal every day with “design favors,” asked for by our loved ones, and we don’t always have the time nor the patience to help them. That’s why we need the help of other generous designers who share their work.

Powerpoint presentations are not my field of expertise (kind of hate charts and tables), but there are many sites with lots of nifty templates and backgrounds, as well as tips and tricks to master them. I list here 5 sites which offer lots of free stuff, and some also do custom designs. So they might be helpful to your cousin and even yourself, or maybe you want to suggest them to a client for a more specialized work.


10 Free Web 2.0 Fonts

These are a selection of 10 fonts from the urban fonts top 100, that I think fit with the Web 2.0 font trends. Please click on the image of each font to go to the download page on urbanfont.com.










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