19 Cool Retro Fonts for Free

Retro fonts are always a cool way to add a vintage twist to your designs. I spend some time sorting all the Retro ones available at dafont.com and these are the lucky winners among 500. 

Which is your favorite one? mine is 07 Unicorn :)


29 Non-cute Free Stock Photos of Cats

I don’t know what is more annoying, the amount of baby pictures on the Internet or the cat pictures plethora —not to mention food pictures! — Anyway I think cats for some reason wins here. But what is even more disturbing is the cuteness overload of those images. Where did all the feline dignity go?


Colourful Vector UI Kit for your Web Interfaces

Presenting to you the “Candy UI” it comes in 4 Colors and the best of it is that it’s made in Illustrator so you can modify it at your will.. I think is a nice plus since most of the interface kits are offered in PSD format. 

This is an attempts to cover most of your interface needs, buttons, sliders and even social media buttons to match the same look and feel.

Hope your sites obtain some eye candy with it.


22 Vintage TV Sets Free PSDs

Retro television sets for your vintage hunger guys. I collected 22 TVs and cropped them to make some useful photo objects for your designs. There are some very old and others more “modern” and one that I am not sure if it is actually a television (the red one on the upper right corner). But all of them surely look great. (more…)

33 Examples of Gorgeous Anamorphic Art by Felice Varini

Now you see it, now you don’t. The Key principle of anamorphosis is a distorted perspective  that is only visible as intended from a unique point of view.

This technique date to early renaissance in the 15th century, you can find early examples of it on the ceilings of churches in Rome by artist like Andrea Pozzo. However the first known example of perspective anamorphosis is Leonardo’s Eye.

This post showcase the best of Felice Varini a Swiss artist nominated for the 2000/2001 Marcel Duchamp Price. He is well known for his edgy geometric anamorphic perspectives installations.Which I find gorgeous and really contemporary. It is amazing the way he mixes simple geometrics with more complex modern structures or even more interesting when it contrasts with more tradicional interiors and landscapes like the first example of this list that was done in Versailles.


Easy Metal Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

Metal finish is always a very usefull effect. But all the people goes for the complicated way. As an apple fan I’m in love with the clean anodising aluminium finis in Apple’s products.

So here is a very easy way to reach a very clean metal effect.


Free Vector Club Flyer,Tutorial and Giveaway

Summer have just ended and we are back to school and to our work stations. But we must party while it is still warm! (and of course during winter to raise our body temperature). In order to celebrate spring we have two hot gals dancing for you all night, and completely free. (Well vectorized ones but hey! they are still gorgeous)  (more…)

34 Most innovative wedding invitations

Weddings can be a fairy tale or a complete disaster. They can be bland and traditional or a courageous adventure under the sea. But what all of us have in clear is, that weddings are a huge milestone in our lives. (Unless you are a hollywood star and you are for your in 5th divorce).

As important as a wedding can be so are its invitations, they must comunicate immediately the spirit and personality of the couple and the celebration that is about to take place. Thats why I have hand picked 34 of the most innovative weddings invitatios I found at etsy.

Hope you find some of them wishing to marry soon or at least to inspire to design one for one of your clients.


Free Vector New York Icons

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The center of almost good any movie I ever seen (besides L.A. off course).  Today we bring to you a amazing vector pack about the big apple

Enjoy! :)


26 Best Free Graphic Design Web apps

In a universe of apps there are plenty of crap and few big fishes (and really small caviar). As I have done before with other graphic design tools, I have hand picked the best of the crop.

This is time, the opportunity is for web apps. I used not to be a big fan of them but now days you can find a plethora of great fast loading well design right to the purpose apps. Apps like Aviary  and Pickmoney (luv this one) stands from the crowd, the first  for its near desktop quality tools in a free web app and the second for its great interface and down to the point and fast results.


Free Vector Tokyo Icons

Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world mixed with a ancient culture. Full of fun and amazing things to see and experience, we love tokyo! and thats why we give to you this awesome pack, enjoy!


Free City Vector Icons: Moscow

Today we have another minimalistic set of city elements. This pack is about Moscow  and here you can find icons like the Pretzel, The matryoshka doll (love it), the kremlin palace and more.

Enjoy! (more…)

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