2587+ Free MS Powerpoint Templates

Your cousin asks for help on a presentation about wild life in Africa, but you have a deadline the same day with your client and he is already sending emails and trying to get you on instant messenger. Sounds familiar? Designers have to deal every day with “design favors,” asked for by our loved ones, […]

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22 Nocturnal Cityscapes Panoramas in HQ

Let’s start 2008 with some gorgeous nocturnal cityscape panoramas, from Paris to Shinagawa. These 22 HQ Panoramas were taken from Flickr and they are free to use under the Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 License. The title is the name of the city and the resolution in pixels. To download the images and attributions please click on […]

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Happy holidays :)

Guys I want to wish you happy holidays, full of rest and joy. :) Thanks for your support! It has been a great experience. I am going to Florianopolis, a great beach in the south of Brazil, and will be catching up during the first days of January.

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