How To Improve Direction in Your Designs

Direction is an often forgotten but never unnoticed principle of design. It is created using some or all of the elements of design—shape, scale, line, value, texture, color and space. Direction can be defined as the movement of the eye throughout a piece. It is an important principle because it guides the viewer through a […]

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Freebie: WordPress Rainbow Feather Theme

The V3 is finally out – one of the most beautiful WordPress themes in the free realm. Maybe you have seen it already, it’s name is Rainbow Feather. If not, this is a great chance to. As the name suggests, Rainbow Feather delivers an impressive clean-cut layout, with rainbow colors, in a single fluid column, […]

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2587+ Free MS Powerpoint Templates

Your cousin asks for help on a presentation about wild life in Africa, but you have a deadline the same day with your client and he is already sending emails and trying to get you on instant messenger. Sounds familiar? Designers have to deal every day with “design favors,” asked for by our loved ones, […]

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