Unique Posters Visualising Classic Techno, Bleep, And Rave Tracks.

Alex Szabo-Haslam is a graphic designer from UK, who inspired by classic techno and rave music. Have create a kickstart project with a series of beautiful series of posters visualising the entire track. Avava

He says the inspirations came when he was listening to one of his favorites tracks Windowlicker by Aphex Twin. And he felt the urge to “capture that energy” and translate it onto something physical, something you could hang on a wall.

Therefore Alex spend several months mapping the waveforms of  his beloved tracks using DJ Software and then tracing a series of vectors on top. Resulting on beautiful and elegant abstract shapes.


7 Cities Vector Pack. Cartagena ,London,Moscow, New York,Paris,Rio,Tokyo

From Cartagena, Colombia to London Uk. Here are 7 cities vector pack. Each of them tells the city story in vector icons. My favorite is cartagena of course and my close second tokyo. Whats yours?





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Free Vector Club Flyer,Tutorial and Giveaway

Summer have just ended and we are back to school and to our work stations. But we must party while it is still warm! (and of course during winter to raise our body temperature). In order to celebrate spring we have two hot gals dancing for you all night, and completely free. (Well vectorized ones but hey! they are still gorgeous)  (more…)

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