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Male versus Female Designers

Some time ago, we wrote the polemic article “70 designers that shaped the world”. After suggestions, we made the “Another 30 designers that shaped the world”. One thing that called attention was the few women present on the lists. Looking at the 100 designers, only 8 were women – among them, Eileen Gray, Zaha Hadid, […]

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Photography in colors: Pink

This week we’ll brighten up the Photography in Colors series with Pink. Check out the different tones and combinations for this sweet color. Pink: Mainly associated with female genres, it’s delicate and sweet. Suggests calm and tranquility, but also can indicate energy and happiness if saturated.

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How To Destroy The Web 2.0 Look

A trend always appears as opposition to another. Detailed Gothic art was replaced with the pure straight lines from  Greek temples in the Renaissance. The tons of hair spray, glitter and multicolor spandex 80’s were demolished by the black & white minimalism from the 90’s. The web is no exception. In the beginning, there was […]

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Design Trend: Light Graffiti

PS3 New interface for the firmware 2.0 Yesterday, PS3 got a new firmware update to 2.0. And also its interface, sporting a dark background with neon color shapes as if painted with light. So when I saw that nifty interface I joined the dots and identified a design trend I have been noticing since I […]

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