The Bauhaus

Here it goes one of the most expected articles from de design history series: The Bauhaus. Let’s see how everything begun, its artists, its influences and many things about the first big school of design, that means so much for us.


Semiotics: A Powerful Communication Tool For Designers

There is an important thing present in advertising and other design uses, that we call semiotics. Actually, it’s present in everything in our lives, so deep that we don’t always pay attention and it happens naturally. So, what is this thing that surrounds us and is so important for design and advertising? The semiotics is the study of signs, and through them, it studies the origins of meaning in different languages of communication.


Starting Your Own Business: When? How? Why?

The idea of working for yourself and administrating your own time is, at least, interesting. Thinking about some advantages of being your own boss, many professional designers are trying to get their slice of the market. Let’s discuss when is the best time to start a business, if it’s really worth, how to get started and other relevant issues.


70 Designers that Shaped the World

This is a huge compilation of the most important product designers, graphic designers, architects and other great professionals that made part of our history contributing to the evolution that we see today in each field. It has a though call to decide which designer will make to cut. But we have to pick only 70 to this list.

We will cover more more great ones on a separated list.

The data information is provided by the designmuseum.


Composition and harmony 101

What makes an effective design? We’re always concerned about typography, colors or graphic elements and sometimes we don’t pay the right attention to the composition and harmony “rules”. I mean, the composition is frequently based on what we feel it’s right, but there are some tricks to make it more precise. We are going to understand the design and composition elements and its arrangements.


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