Ten Cool Niche Graphics Design Businesses

The use of online marketing expands exponentially every year and as it grows so do the specialized services that cater to segments of the economy, both consumer oriented and B-to-B. The social media sites have added another dimension – or two, or three, depending on how you look at it – increasing the range of skills that is required for successful digital marketing.


Cross-cultural Web Design for all the World

In theory, the worldwide web opens up your business, blog or personal website to an audience spanning the entire globe. In practice, creating a site that is both accessible and appealing to viewers from different cultures is not quite so simple.

The casual surfer from the UK might be under the impression that the internet is written largely in English, but that’s because language recognition systems will direct you to sites in your language as a matter of course. In reality, fewer than 10 percent of the world’s population speak English as their first language, so if you want to appeal to more than a fraction of the world’s population then you’ll need to build sites that can communicate across cultures.

Movements and Styles After Modernism

Hi everyone! We have one more Design History article, talking about the postmodern movements. Many things happened in the art world after the second war. See the most important movements that are still reference for designers.


Digital Revolution in Graphic Design

We’re finishing our Design History series with a more contemporary matter: the computer and the graphic design. We’re going to see some great names that we already know, like Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and how they contributed for the graphic design. Good reading.


The History of Advertising

Today’s article from the Design History series talks about something we’re used to see all the time in our lives but we don’t really know how it began or expanded so much: advertising. It’s an important matter for designers, advertisers, companies and customers. Check that out.


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