Extremely influential women designers that have shaped the world of design

by Ruth d’Andilly-Clune

After posting a comment on a previous post ’30 designers that shaped the world’, I was asked to write an article on Women Designers. In the article that I read, I found it extremely disheartening that there were only two women in the article, out of 30!

So, here I am writing about extremely influential women designers that have shaped the world of design.


Alternative Facebook Like Signs Posters

The Facebook like sign is the most famous thumb up in history, but whose is the owner of that hand? a rich guy? a hipster? or just a generic hand?.In order to create a more “democratic” hand we have created some alternative Facebook sing posters with funny  twist.

I hope you f*king like it.

Make your ideas rock, with rock the post!

Many off us have lots of ideas and wishes but we keep procrastinating and procrastinating ad nauseam until you see those marvelous ideas done else where and you end feeling miserable at to say the least.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!


Depositphoto, reliable, resourceful and flexible Royalty-Free Stock Photos.

Reliable, resourceful and flexible.  Three words that encircle our thoughts on Depositphotos, an images provider website which is rapidly becoming an excellent tool for designers, advertisers, images editor, content managers and blogger to obtain outstanding quality images. The site is also starting to be perceived as a resources sharing community from which obtaining some good revenues out of collaborating with personal images portfolios.


Ten Cool Niche Graphics Design Businesses

The use of online marketing expands exponentially every year and as it grows so do the specialized services that cater to segments of the economy, both consumer oriented and B-to-B. The social media sites have added another dimension – or two, or three, depending on how you look at it – increasing the range of skills that is required for successful digital marketing.