PBX Phones in The Business Place


Businesses are constantly looking for ways to save money. The great recession of 2008 caused a lot of people and businesses to re-evaluate their spending priorities. Businesses were also required to become more efficient, learning how to properly utilize their work force and available technology to get more work done in less time. Even though the economy has been recovering, businesses are still trying to cut costs and make the most out of the various available systems to make sure that they can make a higher profit. One technology that can help businesses cut costs is the use of PBX phones. Although there is often an initial high cost to get PBX phone lines into place at a business, the more a company grows, the more the company saves.


Re-Purposing your Website for the Mobile World

Mobile trends are constantly changing, and it important to keep your web design up to date with changing needs of mobile users. With cheap data plans widely available, the number of users accessing the web on mobile devices is only going to keep growing. For many people mobile web access has become the preferred method of using the Internet, which makes handheld device support become increasingly important.


Ways to Sell Music Online


Over years, musicians have been rating music as their passion, making music and trying to sell it. Music whereas is the dream of dreamers at the very same time musicians have been toiling to get their tunes sold. Selling music online is now the most ‘vital apple’ in the musician society as when you put your music on the stores in the market, it is not reachable everywhere around the globe and a lot of your fans will be deprived of having your music but when selling online the entire universe has access to your music effortlessly.


Freepik: Best place to download Free Vectors and PSD resources.

As designers we are always in the hunt for coffee and design resources (and sometimes for our clients to pay). When I need to find resources I usually look for them in different sites. For vectors I go to good old vecteezy and for photographs I always go to sxc.hu (even though their inventory is not as good as it used to be); and of course the classic search in google images. Sounds like a hazzle, doesn’t it? well it is! Just until I found freepik.com the all in one free vectors, photos and PSDs search engine.


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