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Freaky Logo Friday. Logo Mash-Ups

What would happen if the logos of famous brands suddenly wake up in the bed of another? Thats what the new tumblr blog Logo Mashups explores. It makes us think in the in the connections they share and how they are constantly appealing to our consumer mind through the commons grounds of symbology and typography.

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Photography in Colors: Red

Today we are starting the “Photography in Colors” inspiration series. For each series, we are going to choose a color and then select beautiful photos in which this color stands out. We’re beginning with the primary colors, and today the chosen color is red. Red: The color of opposite things, religion and hell, innovation and […]

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Provocators in White

With this post, I’ll be starting a series of frequent (hopefully daily) posts. The idea is to provoke/inspire us.”provocation” To make it short, I will tag as “provocation” stimuli not directly related to graphic design: architecture, industrial design, photography, textile, etc. And as inspiration, more graphic design related items: movie posters, album art, logos, magazine […]

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