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How To Destroy The Web 2.0 Look

A trend always appears as opposition to another. Detailed Gothic art was replaced with the pure straight lines from  Greek temples in the Renaissance. The tons of hair spray, glitter and multicolor spandex 80’s were demolished by the black & white minimalism from the 90’s. The web is no exception. In the beginning, there was […]

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10 Inspirational Music Videos

Video killed the radio star and brought a whole new way to inspire us. Music videos and the environment generated by MTV has expanded the visual innovation and creativity to further limits where creativity, art, design and music collide in the most splendid, eye-catching and absurd ways. It would certainly be impossible to talk about […]

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Hunting inspiration? What about provocation?

Inspiration Inspiration INSPIRATION! It can be elusive, sometimes mean and many times just blocked! And you start to wonder: where are those infamous muses? And you spend hours trying to catch them, watching with puppy eyes other guy’s work. And then two feelings fill your heart: despair and the can’t-keep-your-mouth-closed (or jaw dropped) feeling. The […]

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Let Vintage Wallpaper Spice Up Your Designs

You are looking at some new trendy webpage and get impressed by those rich floral textures and backgrounds, and wonder: where does that inspiration come from? Inspiration is everywhere Just have look around you and you will find precious sources. This time, it comes from the walls. Antique wallpaper is an impressive source of inspiration. […]

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