Twitter/Ritalin Tablets Poster

Remember when Marge Simpson gave to Bart, Ritalin? he got so focused on what he was doing he didn’t wanted to go out and do other stuff than doing his homework. That is a similar effect that twitter (among other stuff: Crackberrys, Facebook even the harmless looking pinterest) has on us, not on me I #swear! 

This is just a fun depiction of our favorite microblog and the infamous Ritaling drug.

Nothing can stop you now!


The most innovative Paris Fashion Week A/W 2012 Invitations

The fashion world is a very pulsating and vertiginous business. Always looking for last trend or even better being trend setters. All this energy permeates not only the clothing per se, but also all the activities around it: music, video, cinema and of course graphic design and a these invitations are a great example of innovation and how well those brands communicate their true spirti through them.

Have a look to a pletora of creative ways to make an invitation, from bagage tags like Louis Vuitton to projected messages on the wall in key chains like Maison Martin Margiela.

Source: Wallpaper*

Michael Jackson Artistic Tributes

This blog could not escape the MJ madness. This is just a simple tribute for this amazing artist, who, even when he is not among us (maybe having a drink with Marylin in a secret mansion), is still inspiring and moving us.

These are some fan artist tributes from around the web to the one and only Michael Jackson.


Huge Roundup: 150 Amazing Wallpapers

There’s one thing that every computer user loves: wallpapers. And we, the designers, also love to make them. We’ve selected some of the greatest wallpapers on the internet for you, categorized as 3D Illustration, 2D Illustration, Photo Manipulation and Typography. There are 150 on this list, so… help yourself.


Photography in colors: Black and white

The last article for the Photography in Color series is, ironically, the achromatic photography: Black and white. The absence of color, different than the previous articles, creates powerful images, pften intense and dramatic. Sometimes the lack of color can be more interesting than a colorful image, leaving all the glamour to the black and the white. Now, enjoy photography in (no) colors.


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