Free Vector Club Flyer,Tutorial and Giveaway

Summer have just ended and we are back to school and to our work stations. But we must party while it is still warm! (and of course during winter to raise our body temperature). In order to celebrate spring we have two hot gals dancing for you all night, and completely free. (Well vectorized ones but hey! they are still gorgeous)  (more…)

Easy Smoke Tutorial in Photoshop

This is a very usefull, easy and professional effect for any idea you have in mind without the need to blend smoke photos to the design. And with the possibility to use the effect on all the canvas without fear of bad resolution. (more…)

Easy Photoshop Leaves Tutorial

Textures are something important to master when we work on simple designs. It helps to give more details without adding a heavier look the work.  Today following with the fur tutorial we are gonna learn how make a leave texture and apply this effect to leaves of any shape.


Easy PhotoShop Fur Effect Tutorial

Today I’m gonna start giving you little tips about how achieve basic textures to enhance the looks of you designs, we are gonna start with a basic fur texture (the same texture works to make grass too). (more…)

5 Logo Design Tips

The following logo design tips are not in any methodical order as all 5 tips should be considered simultaneously from the start of a project to the end.

The 5 tips below are only a suggestion for an effective approach towards logo design projects. There is not really a right or wrong way to design logos but hopefully the following will help.


Free Personal Web Server. Host Your Site Yourself

When I hear terms like: “Apache” or “SQL” All I can think of is: “ouch, not again, I haven’t trained in that yet”. I don’t immediately understand  developers’ jokes either. For instance, jokes like “there is no place like” ( stands for localhost–your ‘home’), I have to Google it first.


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