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Creating a logo: The process

Creating a logo is not ONLY a matter of “creativity”, it also requires knowledge, discipline and organization. But to make it easier we have some steps to follow. Of course it should not be a rule, but it’s a good way to better understand the needs of your client and effectively offer the solution for […]

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Thinking Outside the Design Box

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” –H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927. Think out of the box! It’s a buzzword we continuously hear, but not always meditate on its the practical meaning. What does that really means? Thinking inside the box means take for granted the status quo status quo: The existing state of […]

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How To Improve Direction in Your Designs

Direction is an often forgotten but never unnoticed principle of design. It is created using some or all of the elements of design—shape, scale, line, value, texture, color and space. Direction can be defined as the movement of the eye throughout a piece. It is an important principle because it guides the viewer through a […]

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