Free Vector Fashion Logo Templates

It’s monday…(and I hate them) but to make this day happier I bring a great pack of logo elements about women fashion. I will never understand the woman mind, because for me fashion is just jump out the bed, take some clothes and done!

But here we have some logo templates inspired in the fashion world better dressed than I can be  ;)


Vector Humoristic DC Heros Posters

This is another new original art, this time is for three poster designs with my own version of the characters, Wonderwoman, Batman and Robin and Superman.

Lets see if you can guess the psychological problems I presume they have. ;)


Free Art Gallery Brochure Vector Template

Well my friends, here is another cool brochure template with a very artistic style, is very useful when need you need a showcase for your works from an art gallery to a photographic brochure or even a catalog :).

Btw, the artworks used in this template are all paintings done by me, let me know if you like them ;)
Big hugs!

Galleries can benefit from printing colorful gate fold brochures to help promote some of their beautiful works of art which are on display.


Angry Birds Playing Card Deck and Vector Characters

Today I present a very special work, is a complete Playing Card Deck with the famous Angry Birds, the making of this was sooo fun because I love so much that Rovio game (well who doesn’t) and that is not the only special gift, in the file is included all the birds in all sort of poses, besides the highest cards have references of some of my favorites movies/tv series,  please enjoy.

There also a folder with iPhone backgrounds from the higher cards to make your iPhone angry!

Let me know what you think and spread the word! we have the goal of make even more original arts for you ;) (more…)

Law Firm Logo Templates

Here is another useful pack of  logo elements, this is all about laws and legal services.
I cant wait the next week, we have a HUGE surprise for all of you, please enjoy this pack while you get ready for the show :). (more…)

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