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Free PSDs of Vintage Poloraids Cameras

Thanks to the instagram boom (and all its clones and impersonators) vintage photography have resurfaced big time. And one of the everlasting and cool icons of that fashion is the good old Polaroid Camera. I am sure that more than one of you will check on ebay for one of these babys. :) (I did […]

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34 Free Stock Photos of Cheerful Balloons

Balloons are always a reason to smile. They make us remember the excitement we felt when we got one as a kid. When life was a box full bright crayons all the time.   But still as a grown up I can’t help to love them. I always hold my breath and almost cry every time I see that […]

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19 Cool Retro Fonts for Free

Retro fonts are always a cool way to add a vintage twist to your designs. I spend some time sorting all the Retro ones available at and these are the lucky winners among 500.  Which is your favorite one? mine is 07 Unicorn :)

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29 Non-cute Free Stock Photos of Cats

I don’t know what is more annoying, the amount of baby pictures on the Internet or the cat pictures plethora —not to mention food pictures! — Anyway I think cats for some reason wins here. But what is even more disturbing is the cuteness overload of those images. Where did all the feline dignity go?

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22 Vintage TV Sets Free PSDs

Retro television sets for your vintage hunger guys. I collected 22 TVs and cropped them to make some useful photo objects for your designs. There are some very old and others more “modern” and one that I am not sure if it is actually a television (the red one on the upper right corner). But all […]

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