Free Vector Kawaii Professions Icons

Hello, hello… Here is another Kawaii pack,(yeah we are suffering a cute period) and  as you can see the pack was done based on cute egg characters.

There are 12 profession for you to choose, Dentist, farmer, photographer, doctor, policeman, firefighter, scientist among others. I am sure you can find a good use to this love guys.

The violinist and dentist are my favorite :) which is your fav?


Free Vector Egyptian Elements

Today I am giving a new pack of ancient cultures to all of you with Egyptian elements. You can use every element for different designs and use all together to make that awesome in your walls like Stargate I mean Egyptian style. :)

In this pack you will find the eye of Horus, scarab, the Ankh symbol of eternity, Wadjet the serpent  and the Feather of Maat among many others.


Free Vector Financial Elements

Many times I had to run trying to make a design for a business presentation and one thing I’ve learned is that the client always wants to show a “friendly corporative look” (maybe thats why they always ask for the shaking hands image) but this is kind of a complicated topic to illustrate, and all of us know our beloved clientes give all at the last minute and need it ready right away, thats why I did this pack to save time in this kind of situations.



Free Wooden Vector Social Media Icons

Have you noticed the latest wooden trend? I find it great, it has a retro-organic feeling that all of us love. You can find it from websites to jewelry even sunglasses! (Luv those ones, who thought a piece of wood would look so good on your face? ). So, to match your hipster rosewood way-farer inspired sunglasses I made some Vector wooden vector icons from the top social media sites.


Free Vector Christmas Classic Toys

Christmas is coming and I love this time, but now days is all about technology and I miss the old classic style with the original retro toys, so I did this pack with some of the most common old toys for kids. (more…)

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