Free Retro Futuristic Flyer template

I wanted to make a typical bar/Disco flyer but when I started to do the design I saw how is always the same… a girl dancing with something shiny around her under a disco ball and surrounded by cocktails and silhouette. It is a fact we have soo many cliches in Disco and Bar designs,well in pretty much every design topic, so I tried to make something different, a little more retro futuristic and geeky…this time I take Tron as reference, because it is important part of my childhood. (more…)

Free Vector Hindu Elements

These is the most elaborated culture pack until now (pheeww). Hindu culture is full of details and beauty. In this pack you can find elements and Hindu gods like Ganesha who removes obstacles and Sárasuati the goddess of knowledge and luck. Enjoy! (more…)

Free Vector Oriental Elements

Konnichiwa! I’m still doing research about ancient cultures and I have to say oriental cultures are my favourite, they have deep meanings under every symbol or shape and while I was making it really wanted to learn a lot more about them. (more…)

Free Vector Kawaii Fast Food

I’m still inside the cute Kawaii mood and this theme pack is about Fast food, ins’t that sweet?

You can do everything you want with this friends but eat them and you can give a brand new friendly face with them. If you have a fast food business or working in a design for.

The pack contains: cute french fries, lovely pop corns, sexy hamburgers, a scary donut (I know all those calories), a sleepy head onigiri a the coolest ice cream among others.

ITADAKIMASU” – “Let’s eat.” :)

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