Free Vector Heart Shaped Logo Templates

Hello my friends! Today I bring to all of you a new pack of logo templates and this time the whole idea is around the concept of heart, you can see logos for medical concepts, for child heart NGO and for share-heart concepts.

I hope you like, my favorites are the hand and the door to the heart.  (more…)

Free Don’t Smoke Flyer Design

This is  an original flyer design based in the concept of one of my favorite games (yeah, GTA yeah!) , as you can see is a don’t smoke flyer, all the designs about this are almost the same so I did something different but inside the standards.

I hope you like it :) and don’t smoke.


Free Vector Zombie Character

The bunker is full and I’m ready, if anyone can say the end is here thanks to the Maya Calendar then for me the end is here thanks to a zombie apocalypse, lol.  Here you have a vector free zombie, again Happy new Year 2012!


Heroes vector logos and Merchandising

I’m fan of classic DC (I must say I love Marvel too but they have soo many heroes and is hard to follow sometimes) and I was thinking they need their own post here in S2O. So here they are, the logos of from most representative heroes of DC world with some merchandsing ideas. I wish can have the green lantern’s ring and superman cape.

(I Feel like a Child) Enjoy. (more…)

North American Native Elements

I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas. This pack about North American Native elements, I find this culture very connected with nature and the soul of every living being. I always wanted to know my animal guide….(I think is a bear) in this work you can find animal representations like humbird, deer and bear, patterns and the totem.


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