Free Decoration Logo Vector Template Elements

Hallo! This is another cool pack with conceptual and abstract logo elements with a common topic, this time is Decoration, they are done with concept of color, space and form in mind but also you have ornaments and geometrical patterns, all in vector as usual. Enjoy!


Free Go Green Vector Booklet Template

For booklets like this with ecological themes, try an Earth friendly booklet printing service like Next Day Flyers. They print on recycled materials and have a solar powered facility. It’s good for the planet and good for your business.


Free Vector Playing Cards Deck

Today is a very special post, this is a new series of vector designs related to card games, we will start with a classic minimalistic card game, and then I will get more interesting on the way, every one of the four groups represents a royalty… Diamonds are Spain, Clovers are French, Heart is British and Spades are Russian.

I tried to put a lot of details in every element of this game, let me know what you think and wait for other new surprises :)


Free Vector Industrial Logo Elements

In order to continue with the vector logo templates/elements today I bring you a new pack of logos with the industrial concept. Some have a ecologic background, anothers a quality and corporative meanings. I hope you enjoy them!


Free Vector African Elements

I just love african culture, the colors and the shapes are just amazing, Africa is a continent that need help but is strong in their roots.

You can find here the symbols of strength, wisdom, harmony, the universe, peace , the transformation and a lot more, every one have a powerful meaning.


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