Building Your Website All Alone

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Whether you have created a brand new company, or you’ve been around for a long time, if you do not already have a website, you are going to have to put one up as soon as humanly possible. According to the website Mashable, online shopping accounted for $231 billion in sales in 2012. This means that any company not willing to create a website and use an eCommerce setup to sell its services is losing out on an enormous amount of money.


240 Basic Icons Vector Freebie

Flat design is everywhere. Nowadays aesthetics is a lot more simple. No more glossy buttons or gradients background, or what a about the shiny table effect every client asked for?.It is all gone now. In favor of a more “undesigned” look a back to basics trend.

Following that idea the guys at your favorite resources repository, Freepik, made exclusive for the readers of S2O a very handy Basic Vector Icon pack. With more than 200 icons. Covering a wide arrange of categories, from ecommerce to UX. Made with very simple yet alluring lines.  (more…)

Little Details That Matter on a Mobile Website


Oftentimes, the focus on mobile websites isn’t on adding as much information as possible or even as much detail. It’s all about making the mobile viewing experience as simple and enjoyable as the web designer possibly can. People who use their mobile devices for browsing and research do not have as much time or patience as individuals on a laptop or desktop. In many cases, they are actually surfing the web in between meetings, sitting on the bus, or in other places where they may be interrupted or have limited time. But in the process of streamlining your site, make sure that you don’t forget about the little details that actually do matter on your mobile website.

The Logo

When you are trying to cut space and loading times, one of the first things you may look at removing is the logo. But don’t do it. The logo is an essential part of your brand. It increases recognizability as well as your professional appearance. Removing it only saves you a little space, anyway. Instead, just make sure that you change it to a thumbnail size or the appropriate size for the mobile website you were designing. It doesn’t have to be as large as it is on your traditional website. You can also flatten the image or use a flat spectrum palette, removing shading, beveling, and other features that increase the loading times.

Easy to Recognise Buttons and Links

The average mobile device user does not have a stylus, and that means that all of the buttons and links are pressed with a finger. This means they need to be large enough to recognise, and they need to stand out from non-clickable text. It helps if you make sure that your buttons and links for all devices are at least the size of the average fingertip. While a responsive mobile website is important, bear in mind that it may make some links and buttons too small to click on. You can use your mobile analytics to get an idea of the general types of devices that are being used to access your mobile site, but don’t stress about this too much.

Contact Information

When cutting out nonessential information, you should not remove your contact information. In every mobile web design, one page should exist for contacting the site owner or a customer service representative. You never know when one of your customers may want to get in touch with you. Make sure that happens. Contact information should not take up too much space on the mobile website as a whole. In fact, it will probably load just as fast with or without it, so keep it on there.

The little details do matter in your mobile website design. Make sure that you keep the logo up. Even if you condense it, it helps to increase your recognizability, and that will help you out more in the long run. Make sure that all the buttons and links are easy to recognise and click. Also be sure to provide contact information, no matter how brief you want to make the site.

Freebie: 264 Vector Audio DJ Pack Icons

Icons packs are among the most desirable freebies around. There are several out there, going from a wide array of topics from user interfaces to personal finance. But sometimes you can find some rather unusual but clever additions to the icons universe.

This Vector Audio DJ Pack is a nice example, brought to you exclusively by the guys at Freepik, has 264 vector based icons. With lots of clever music and DJ related glyphs great for any groovie design project.


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