Freepik: Best place to download Free Vectors and PSD resources.

As designers we are always in the hunt for coffee and design resources (and sometimes for our clients to pay). When I need to find resources I usually look for them in different sites. For vectors I go to good old vecteezy and for photographs I always go to (even though their inventory is not as good as it used to be); and of course the classic search in google images. Sounds like a hazzle, doesn’t it? well it is! Just until I found the all in one free vectors, photos and PSDs search engine.


34 Free Stock Photos of Cheerful Balloons

Balloons are always a reason to smile. They make us remember the excitement we felt when we got one as a kid. When life was a box full bright crayons all the time.  

But still as a grown up I can’t help to love them. I always hold my breath and almost cry every time I see that wonderful UP sequence when Mr Fredricksen’s house goes UP thanks to hundreds of colourful balloons :)

To make honor to those cheerful thing filled with helium, here there are 34 awesome free stock balloon pictures, I hope you make some inspiring art with  some of them.


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