Ways to Sell Music Online


Over years, musicians have been rating music as their passion, making music and trying to sell it. Music whereas is the dream of dreamers at the very same time musicians have been toiling to get their tunes sold. Selling music online is now the most ‘vital apple’ in the musician society as when you put your music on the stores in the market, it is not reachable everywhere around the globe and a lot of your fans will be deprived of having your music but when selling online the entire universe has access to your music effortlessly.


Free PSDs of Vintage Poloraids Cameras

Thanks to the instagram boom (and all its clones and impersonators) vintage photography have resurfaced big time. And one of the everlasting and cool icons of that fashion is the good old Polaroid Camera. I am sure that more than one of you will check on ebay for one of these babys. :) (I did it) 

This pack contains 24 isolated PSDs photo objects of Hi Res (most of them) Vintage Polaroid Cameras :) (more…)

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