Extremely influential women designers that have shaped the world of design

by Ruth d’Andilly-Clune

After posting a comment on a previous post ’30 designers that shaped the world’, I was asked to write an article on Women Designers. In the article that I read, I found it extremely disheartening that there were only two women in the article, out of 30!

So, here I am writing about extremely influential women designers that have shaped the world of design.


9 eCommerce Vector Icons

Well well well, our friend Carlos in another burst of generosity have provide us 9 simple but stylish eCommerce related vector icons. Hope you like them “snappers” (as he said to us lol.)


6 Free Vector Dessert Cliparts

Our friend Carlos strikes back with some more yummy vectors ( I don´t know whats he has with the food). Now the turn is for delicious desserts, yes I know, maybe cappuccino and a sandwich are not desserts like so, but hey you have to eat something to have your dessert afterwards right?


5 Logo Design Tips

The following logo design tips are not in any methodical order as all 5 tips should be considered simultaneously from the start of a project to the end.

The 5 tips below are only a suggestion for an effective approach towards logo design projects. There is not really a right or wrong way to design logos but hopefully the following will help.


Free Social Media Icons Vector and PNG Mega Pack

Well yeah, yet another social media icons pack :), but this pack rocks because you not only get icons for : Reddit, Youtube, GoogleBuzz, SlideShare, Blogger, Digg, yahoo, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Delicious, Feedburner, Wordress, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, RSS and Linkind . But also get them 4 shapes: Egg, Beads (those stuff in the abacus), Button, and an Apple :). (more…)