Easy Metal Effect Tutorial in Photoshop

Metal finish is always a very usefull effect. But all the people goes for the complicated way. As an apple fan I’m in love with the clean anodising aluminium finis in Apple’s products.

So here is a very easy way to reach a very clean metal effect.


Free Vector Club Flyer,Tutorial and Giveaway

Summer have just ended and we are back to school and to our work stations. But we must party while it is still warm! (and of course during winter to raise our body temperature). In order to celebrate spring we have two hot gals dancing for you all night, and completely free. (Well vectorized ones but hey! they are still gorgeous)  (more…)

Free Vector New York Icons

New York is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The center of almost good any movie I ever seen (besides L.A. off course).  Today we bring to you a amazing vector pack about the big apple

Enjoy! :)


Free Vector Tokyo Icons

Tokyo is one of the most modern cities in the world mixed with a ancient culture. Full of fun and amazing things to see and experience, we love tokyo! and thats why we give to you this awesome pack, enjoy!


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