240 Basic Icons Vector Freebie

Flat design is everywhere. Nowadays aesthetics is a lot more simple. No more glossy buttons or gradients background, or what a about the shiny table effect every client asked for?.It is all gone now. In favor of a more “undesigned” look a back to basics trend.

Following that idea the guys at your favorite resources repository, Freepik, made exclusive for the readers of S2O a very handy Basic Vector Icon pack. With more than 200 icons. Covering a wide arrange of categories, from ecommerce to UX. Made with very simple yet alluring lines. 

Basic Icons



2.5 mb .zip [svg]

2 Responses to 240 Basic Icons Vector Freebie

  1. yepi 8 March 13, 2014 at 3:43 am #

    there are too many, I think I’ll confused while selecting one of them.