Mascots can be hideous like Ronald Macdonald (love that at Logorama lol) or kind of Queer like Mr Clean but also funny like those M&M guys. Whether they are cool or not, they surely ad “personality” to the brand and become the spokesman for the company who use them.

Should all the brands use them? maybe not, Imagine a Microsoft mascot? or a Nytimes one?. Well maybe a good one for the big M would be a IE6 Zoombie or the Blue Screen of death lol.

Well here  you have a very useful yet generic mascot suitable any online business like blogs or any tech related enterprises. I have it done for an unsold template on sitepoint. It didn’t reach the minimum price after a couple of re-listing and I completely forgot him, until I found it buried in my former laptop recently, so I decided to give it for free, instead of selling it sooo cheap :).

Enjoy this geeky mascot.




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