Free Clothing Vector Silhouettes

Free Clothing Vector Silhouettes: Tuxedos (for hey Tuxedo Max),  Bikinis (not brazilian ones, if they were they would be too small to draw :)), pants, hoodies, skirts, socks, even a hat!


clothing silhouettes cs4


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    so fast you got this vector drawing done, mazngness.

  • vickyprobmt


  • mao

    @Vicky Hi there :)

  • mao

    @d2m Thanks well is not that fast :)

  • Web Design Warwick

    great set :) thanks for sharing, i like the aviators!

  • mao

    I do have a vintage ones! where from my step father :)

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  • you say

    Hi ! A nice silhouette ! thanks !

  • Dee

    Mao, Please forgive my ignorance on how things like this work……Can I use your “free clothing vector” for resale on a product of mine? Can I manipulate the silhouettes? I took an Adobe Illus. class and I know it will take me YEARS….lol…….to make a clothes template…….Thanks for your time…I love your work…..

  • mao

    @Dee glad you like my work. You can use all the freebies at the blog in personal and commercial projects, but you are not allow to resell the package as it is. Cheers :)

  • brett

    Link broken?

  • mao

    @Brett It is working, maybe you were trying to download by a direct link from another site. Try to download directly from the post

  • Luke

    You’ve made wonderful Clothing Silhouettes. I like your bowtie and necktie creation. Hope to see more vector silhouettes from you.

  • mao

    @luke Thanks glad you like it :), sure here at s2o we love vectors you will see more of them.

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  • Cris

    As imagens são ótimas e ainda mais por que são em svg! Obrigada =)

  • mao

    @cris de nada :)

  • RH

    Cool site guys. Love it. Great tools for a fashion house.

  • Simon Phillips

    Thanks for that we at love a bit of free vector art so that we dont have to reinvent the wheel.

    Thanks heaps!

  • Tuxedos

    Now a days Tuxedos is a best fascination factor to looking smart in parties.

  • poteto

    thanks a lot!
    I love them!

  • Bob

    Those are some nice vectors. Up to load them on to photoshop. I needed the tux.

  • Clothing Blog

    thanks! not bad….

  • MAOA

    Very nice vectors! I was looking for something to use as a guide and these are perfect!

  • mao

    @Maoa very glad you fond them useful :D

  • BBC Australia

    @MAO – Please contact me regarding a small project that I think your skills are well suited for!

  • Metin2

    Thanks :)

  • Okihita Hasiholan H P Sihaloho

    Awesome indeed. Thank you for providing this :D

  • Pablo Ruiz

    Thank you! I’m using one of these for my wedding invitations. I don’t have money to spend on stock images and I really really appreciate you sharing these for free.

  • Mauricio Duque

    Glad you like them. Please share the final art of you invitations on the facebook fan page.

  • dneilson2

    Thank you, thank you for sharing so selfishly!! I am so very thankful!!

  • dneilson2

    Ooops…I meant, “SELFLESSLY”!! SO SORRY. I am so grateful for the kind sharing. Great work!

  • Mauricio Duque

    My Pleasure. Glad you like them :)

  • ROSI


  • Rebzilla

    I liked to download and nope I get nothing :(

  • Pablo

    Hello, this dowload is not working. Thank you in advance for your reply!

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