21 Free Vector Boomboxes

A Boombox – also known as ghetto blaster (since 1983), Jambox, Wogga box or (in parts of Europe) radio-cassette – is a name given to portable stereo systems capable of playing radio stations and recorded music (usually cassettes and/or, since the early 1990’s, CDs), at relatively high volume. As befits its portability, Boomboxes can be powered by batteries as well as by line current. – Wikipedia

Remember the 80’s? Those Boomboxes or Ghetto-blasters pumping up the volume? Well, I made 21 Vector Boomboxes to blast your designs with a funky retro look.


BoomBoxed Preview



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  • junior

    For some reason I cant get the eps file to download. Can someone tell me if this link is broke. Or can anyone email me the eps file. I would really aprereciate it.

  • LittleBigz


  • chiara

    where can i buy a boomboxes?

  • edward

    that’s great, thanks. Nice job.

  • pepito perez

    muy tezo gracias

  • Kally Deon


  • Rose

    anyone got these in imagepacks?

  • Caro

    wow muchas gracias!!

  • kike cervantes


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  • suk


  • mertxe

    dead links, please repost!

  • mao

    @mertxe maybe you were trying to download from a hot-link in another page. You should try to download it directly from the post.

  • Marcelo Mahô

    Muito bom!!

  • Tom Mulhern

    thanks a lot! they are awesome! happy 2010

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  • Joe Slater

    Can’t work out how to download these which is a shame!

  • mao

    @Joe Slater where you see “Download* EPS 7,8MB | SVG 1MB” click on the EPS link to download, well eps Format, and SVG for the SVG Format

  • What a tease

    the EPS and SVG links don’t work. Looks like the files were removed from the server. Can someone upload their flie and share the DL link? This is great stuff but doeast seem available…

  • mao

    @What a Tease The links do work I have verified. Maybe you where trying to download from another page outside the blog, you should try to download directly from the blog.

  • Casetera

    Demasiado bueno, muchas gracias!.

  • Alff

    Thankx a bunch!!

  • M3tees

    Can I use these in Photoshop or illustrator? I downloaded them but I don’t know how to open them in either of those programs. PLEASE HELP!

  • mao

    @M2tees You have to create a new document and them import those files. :)

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