12 Free Vector Businessmen Silhouettes Pack 02

Business graphics resources always come handy. That’s why I have hired an illustrator to help me with this task, and produce more freebies to share. They are in different vector formats (eps, swf, svg, wfm). Feel free to use them in your projects and share the final outcome with us here at Snap2Objects.




Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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  • Lonneke

    This sure come in handy someday.
    Thanks for sharing this great pack.

    Do you have them also for business woman ;-) thank you.

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  • jeff

    Thanks for the pack.You my angels

  • Dan

    Hey! First I would like to say your business people vectors are amazing!
    I was wondering if we could use the symbols as part of some background elements and icons on our website?
    Again great job!

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  • Not Nunzio

    Hi, Thanks. I made a logo for our site using a couple of your silhouettes. Thanks!

  • http://yjblaw.com/aops/railroad-injury/ Railroad Accident lawyer

    This look great! We are going to create some brochure and these would look good on them. Maybe even business cards. Thanks.

  • lil

    gute arbeit! vielen dank – die typen sind echt super :)

  • Mat

    Great collection

  • http://www.inetgoa.com manchit

    thanks . that was useful.
    I just love vectors:)

  • muriel

    this are great
    I love vectors

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  • Ganiy Idris

    this is great! i really love vectors

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  • mr. implicit

    thanks for your stuff..

  • Dave

    Hello, the picture with these business mans is great. I want to ask you something, can I modify it and use it as a logo, I really like the picture.

  • http://www.rtgruhr.de robert

    thx from germany. ^^

  • mao

    @Robert! any time from colombia :)

  • ana23

    thank you so much!!
    I’m going to use some of those on our web-site. You’re great! ;)

  • http://www.madridwebdesign.es/ diseño web madrid

    Gracias por el aporte

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  • Sherie

    These are fantastic! It is great of you to
    Can I ask – under the CC license am I OK to use these on website templates – for redistribution if I acknowledge the author in the HTML source?
    I would like to use them in both free and premium (paid for) WordPress templates….

  • mao

    @Sherie Glad you like them. I a link back to the blog on to the blog on the template will be appreciated.

  • Sherie

    @mao – Thanks

  • GBQ

    Thankyou so very very much – appreciate it massively – these were exactly what I was needing! God bless!

  • mao

    @GBQ God Bless you too :)

  • kaisa

    I can’t download it, it leads me to a 404 error page?
    maybe you could tell what’s wrong?

  • kaisa

    for the 5th time it worked :]

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  • Logos – Juggle

    I just stumbled across these and what a find! I was looking for silhouettes to use for an ad briefing and am glad I came to this post. This is a great collection of business graphics. Thanks for posting.

  • tissa

    nice pack thx

  • Earbud reviews

    Excellent stuff Mao, thanks. I’ve had some silhouettes like these in photoshop but they weren’t vector images so caused a bit of a problem. These will come in very handy.


  • Prabu Rajasekaran

    How to use just one vector? They are all grouped.

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  • mao

    @Prabu Import then and then ungroup :)

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  • Wiseguy

    Dude, first off, I love the great stuff you keep putting up! (lol saw one of your designs on AMC) and lastly i was wondering if i could use one of your guys on a poster template that i’m selling at a fair? or if not use, possibly buy?

  • mao

    @Wiseguy Thanks mate. You can use the freebies from the blog for both commercial and personal projects as long as you keep the attribution. If you are unable to do that, you should buy a license release.

  • oumi

    Thank you survives really.

  • Gina

    thank you

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  • Rory

    These are great, I do a lot of website designs for business clients and these would be perfect to spice them up. Thanks

  • http://www.loseweightfastonline.co.uk LWFO

    Great set of vectors thanks for sharing them

  • http://www.securityking.com Craig

    Wow! These are excellent and love how you have added different formats, Thanks!

  • http://www.macrored.com.ar Diseño Web

    Wow, the vectors are very clean and professional

  • Dean WIlde

    Hi Mao,

    These are so versatile so thank you. Was wanting to use on some t-shirt designs. How can I attribute these back to you or how can I buy a license to use them?


  • Wi

    Amazing! Thanks so much!

  • http://www.gtweb.com.ar Troquelados

    Very good vector stuff. Thanks:)

  • Mara

    Thank you for your great free vectors.
    I like sharing…. cheers

  • http://www.indobisnis.org TS-21

    Thanks for the pack

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  • John

    If your vectors are fore free, you could also upload them on creattor.com, it’s a good way to promote and share your work with more people. I also have an account there, check here my free vector image that is about a business presentation: http://www.creattor.com/vectors/business-presentation-vector-image-740

  • http://www.snap2objects.com/ mao

    @John thanks I will that site out :)

  • Irfan200x

    how may i download this vector i already liked this to Facebook still not downloading option visible…………..?????

  • Giulio Tubo

    I clicked “like” button in facebook…. where is the download link now ?!?!?!!!

  • Kate Meyer

    I am loving these businessman silhouettes! I’m planning on using it in an infographic for my company.

  • Kate Meyer

    The facebook “like” worked for me and it downloaded. I use a Mac and Google Chrome Browser. My advice would be to try a different browser?

  • Fg


  • http://www.facebook.com/ySomic Mathieu De Raedt

    Mauricio Duque Very nice work.Just a little reminded I found a little mistake in your awesome work.
    Your 6th vector ( last first row ) his hand that is holding the cellphone is kinda  wrong. Just some feedback!

    Thanks for the vectors!

  • July

    Thank you!

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