30 Free Tree Silhouette Vectors

It’s pretty simple to get a great-looking design with silhouettes: just add gradient to simulate a sundown, some palm trees and there you are – a warm, yet trendy design. That’s why I bring 30 Free tree silhouette vectors to enrich your designs.



Free Tree Silhouette Vectors




Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.


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  • http://css-tricks.com Chris Coyier

    Very nice! Thanks for your generosity of providing the download. I almost need to think of a project just so I can use these.

  • mao

    thanks Crish come sure you can find a protect to use them. hey! you are the guy from css-tricks.com :D I love your site is an honor.

  • Danny Outlaw

    cool. like a corona commercial in the making!

  • mao

    LOL haven’t thought on that! hummmm Corona, with lemon and salt!

  • javier

    muy buenos, muchas gracias.


  • Johann

    Thanks for the great vector art! I really appreciate the hard work you guys are doing to bring us these resources!

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  • http://www.purepleasuredesign.com Ines

    Very useful, thank u!

  • bostonman


  • eka

    gracias.. me enrede pero esta como bueno…

  • http://www.elranta.com ella shunya

    Hi Mao,
    It’s great, like all the other things you share with.
    I hope I’ll able to open it. I’ll let you know.
    Thanks, ella shunya

  • Henry Meneses

    Muchas gracias, todos estan muy buenos, felicitaciones

  • jc tornell

    tks master… neto si tienes mas mejor….

  • steve


  • Enid

    Thanks for sharing these! Please kindly let me know how do you like these works of yours be attributed, “by Mauricio Duque” or simply “by mao” ? Thank you!

  • Alex Gimmi

    Hello, I love your work!

    I have noticed you have donated some illustrations to http://www.vecteezy.com

    I am setting up a similar website which is very popular called http://www.freegraphicdesign.co.uk/page7/page8/page8.html

    I have many visitors and was wondering if you would care to donate some files for a link to your website?

    If there are any problems or issues I will be happy to remove your files at anytime.

    All the best, Alex Gimmi…

    Reduce your carbon foot print by donating a texture today!

    email: root@freegraphicdesign.co.uk

    visit: http://www.freegraphicdesign.co.uk

  • fer

    por compartir estos elementos y brindar tu ayuda.

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  • http://www.jhubler.com John Hubler

    Wow! These are fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing these!

  • John Holmes

    Cool. I’m donating my time and materials to create a design for a proposed Theravada meditation center nearby. I see a tree in this collection that would be perfect for it.


  • Axel Kron

    Great idea! Thank YOU!! Axel

  • endorphin

    It’s slightly freaky… not that I was looking for free vectors of trees and came across this collection (which is perfect, as it happens), but that you actually posted it on my birthday! Thanks :)

  • mao

    @ endorphin
    Thanks for your comments. And happy birthday :) would luv to see the outcome of your project using those trees :)

  • Sara

    Gracias por compartir tu trabajo. Thanks for share your art with us¡¡

  • rodrigo


  • jean


  • http://www.firebubble.co.uk Firebubble Web Design

    Hey cool kit, really useful!
    thanks alot

  • Alex

    Thanks for the great work. I would love to use parts in a project. Do I have to mention your name somewhere or can I just use them?



  • issao

    Bem legal hein, otimo trabalho!!

  • marele

    love the trees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ali

    Thanks for the great vector artThanks for the great vector art

  • fazlee


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  • dlynn

    I too was thinking of using them for a commercial project. Just wanted to double check if that is okay.

    they are great.


  • Dayl

    Thankyou, these are ideal

  • wawanw

    how u make this??

  • ccool

    thanx a lot

  • Meroooo

    It is very useful for me. Thanks alot

  • C


  • muriel

    muchas gracias por tan buenos dibujos. saludos. Muriel

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  • taksi

    very useful! Thanks a lot…

  • So

    Hey everyone

    Im making a logo for a friend, and wondered if i can use one of the trees. Do i need a permission, and where do i get if so?

  • mao

    @So those silhouettes are attribution based license. When you can’t grant the attribution you will need a written permission. I have already sent it to your email :)

  • Robert

    please i need name´s of tree that appear in the vectors especify the Nº 9 tree scuseme my english

  • Robert

    alguien conoce el nombre de los arboles que aparecen en los vectores necesito especificamente el nombre del vector numero 9
    es para un trabajo de la universidad

  • mao

    @Robert Sorry I don’t know the name of the trees. Hope some one could help you

  • rodrigo

    tan chilos carnalillo

  • jose

    gracias muy bueno

  • Oktober Storm

    Thanks, this is very generous of you.

  • Flavio

    Thanks for the sharing!!!
    hugs from Brazil.

  • Renessa

    I would like to get a permission from you to use one of the vector trees in a logo?

    Thank you!!!

  • mao

    Go ahead Renessa!

  • Maggie

    Wow, and thank you! This was an amazing find! I am just getting started in a small business and these will help out my walls!

  • mao

    @Maggie. Glad you like it! I would love to see them on your wall send us a photograph :)

  • somesh

    thank you for tree download

  • http://www.creativehat.co.uk Creative Hat web design

    Thanks for sharing these

  • Kernel Tran

    Thank you for your generosity.
    Keep up the great works

  • JJ


  • rubi

    Very beutifull. Thanks

  • http://www.ellbiedesign.com LB

    I would like to use one of your tree illustrations in a commercial project. It would be used in the background of a graphic printed on apparel. If this is allowed would you mind emailing me permission as I wouldn’t be able to provide attribution on this piece. Thanks so much! And thanks for providing the wonderful vectors for others to use!

  • mao

    @LB Email Sent :) Glad you like the vectors

  • Christine

    Hi! I plan to use the tree silhouette for a background for the website I am designing, if it goes well we might use it for future marketing collaterals, can you send me a permission to use it?

    thanks a lot for providing these!

  • mao

    @Christine You dont need a permission to use it, just have to give the attribution to the blog and you are done :)

  • micah Wolfe


  • Lisa

    Love the trees and eco vector downloads. Thanks so much! I enjoy your posts.

  • mao

    @Lisa Glad you like it. You are very welcome!

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  • sandi

    love the tree designs! thanks

  • Simply FKJ

    Hi Mao. I have been looking and looking for tree silhouettes when I came across yours this morning. They are perfect. I make wedding invitations and I was wondering if you could grant me permission to use your trees on them.


  • mao

    @Simply Thanks for your words. Sure you can use them in commercial projects as well. Be sure to give the credits some where the the blog should do the trick.

  • Laura Lemons

    Hey, nice trees. Really clean, I love them!



  • Micky

    Thanks a lot !!!

  • http://www.walterconti.it Walter Conti

    Molto belli, complimenti, sono alberi maestosi

  • Antônio Passos

    Muito bom!!!!!!!

    Lindíssimo, eu garanto.

    Antonio | Brasil

  • mao

    @Antonio Obrigado :)

  • Cei

    Thnxs for the cool Vect!!! :)

  • http://hijauart.com Lukisan Abstrak

    Wow thanx
    It help me a lot

  • Clare

    Awesome trees!! Would love permission to use in a corporate design for a 3d sculpture screen? Unfortunately i’m not able to write attribution anywhere.

  • mao

    @Clare Thanks! Glad you like my work. For using the freebies without attribution you should buy a license release.

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  • K

    great thanx

  • http://www.identitystudios.co.uk Identity Web Design

    Thanks for sharing…!

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  • rang’

    thnx for sharing , cheers from sri lanka

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  • maria

    gracias – los voy usar para la gráfica de un proyecto educativo no mediatico. cuando pueda subo algo.-

  • augusto


  • http://www.graphiste-libre.com Philouseb

    Merci beaucoup de mettre ce genre de sources à disposition.

  • mao

    @Philouseb Anytime :D

  • juan


  • http://www.santaclaradesign.com Lauren

    You save me once again – thanks for these great graphics!!! Keep them coming!

  • Tim

    Thanks bunches. This will work great for a t-shirt.



  • cax

    gracias – los voy usar para la gráfica de un proyecto educativo no mediatico. cuando pueda subo algo.-

  • gerardo moran

    thanks wery good file

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  • wevany adan

    valeu pessoal, de coração mesmo!! era jutamente issu q eu procurava!!!

  • mao

    @wavany :) legal qeu vc gostou.

  • Lot

    Appreciate this! I’m a graphics student in my first semester of my freshman year. My teacher gives us all kind of off the wall assignments, you can’t imagine how much things like this help.

  • mao

    @Lot Glad you find them useful pal :)

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  • http://www.doreymedia.com Surrey Web Design

    These are really useful, I’ve got a landscape photography site logo to design and you have given me some great ideas.

  • http://www.beauchampwebdesign.co.uk Beauchamp Web design

    Thanks these are brilliant

  • rus


  • lukas

    gracias amigo me hacia mucha falta

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  • Bid 2 Improve

    Brilliant set of silhouettes thanks for these

  • sizuka


  • Sion George

    I think it would be best to have this photoshop brushes so we can utilize it. I must admit these are really pretty and nice.

  • Sara

    This will come in handy, thanks!

  • http://www.filesincredible.com midocu

    I appreciate this! Very good work. Thanks for sharing and you let us to download your great work. Thanks again!

  • http://www.linkmesh.com/vampiros.php Imagenes de Vampiros

    Muy bueno este post. This is a very good post. :)

  • http://www.filesincredible.com free software

    This work great. A lot of thanks.

  • m

    Hi, i’m sure this is an easy answer, but can someone tell me which program i should open these in after i download them? I’m having trouble getting them open on my computer and i’ve tried word and publisher. Any help you can give would be appreciated! thanks

  • http://timh.me.uk tim

    Please could I use them in a commercial logo?

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  • http://www.plotartpaineis.com.br donato

    valeu mano,

    Goiania | Goias | Brasil

  • http://www.biggizi.com Bigg flasheur freelance

    Thank you very much for these vectors, it’s exactly what i’m looking for. :D

  • Rebecca

    Loving these images- for more ike this i´d check out http://www.freepik.com, it´s got a huge stock of vectors like these! I love it-hope you do too.

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  • tareq


  • http://britishpoundsymbol.com British Pound Symbol

    Very useful collection. Thanks!

  • Collin Mckinney

    These are great tree vectors. :)

  • http://fotobali.multiply.com gatot

    great job! and it is very handy! sharing is sexy! God bless you brother.

  • sze c

    thank you! I’m creating a thank you card and will find this very useful.

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  • Lukeruk

    Nice collection. Very good work.

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  • Jane

    Thank you

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  • Gamiaya

    Thank you very much


  • Guest

    thank you for the endless zips

  • Evgeny Potapov

    I can’t download. After like action appears no download link!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grzegorz.gralewski.5 Grzegorz Gralewski

    good job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/grzegorz.gralewski.5 Grzegorz Gralewski

    good job

  • Martinidv

    I can’t download. After like action appears no download link!

  • http://www.snap2objects.com/ Mauricio Duque

    Hi Have send you an email :)

  • http://www.snap2objects.com/ Mauricio Duque

    I have send you an inbox via Facebook Evgeny :)

  • Abdul Hakim

    I can’t download. After like action.

  • Sabri

    I can’t download! After like action appears no download link!

  • http://www.snap2objects.com/ Mauricio Duque

    @Abdul @Sabrina Check your inboxes :)

  • http://www.snap2objects.com/ Mauricio Duque

    Sabri, I have sent you and an email but it bounced back to me. do you have another email? either way here are some directions:

    The download must start immediately after you hit the like button. Try reloading the url it should display a download link. If not please check the download windows at your browser. SInce it is a small file it might be already downloaded with out you you notice it.

    If the the file is not there, Please Unlike the page and try in another browser. If anything of the above does not work please send me an email to info [at] snap2objects [dot] com

  • Martinacasarini86

    I’ve got the same Evgeny’s problem…

  • manuel jurado

    I can’t download. After like action appears no download link!


  • Tiffany

    Download didn’t work for me either. Tried it in 3 different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

  • josh levinson

    ditto, no link for download.

  • Soyquindiana

    How to download it???? I’ve already click like!!!

  • Boxisbusy

    How to download? -_-

  • Jonas Risovas

    i cant download it too! :( link pls?

  • Alofuok


  • Niels Harland

    Can’t download!

  • Amy Shannon

    Sorry but I cannot download. Can you flick me the link please. Cheers Amy

  • Jayne Saddington

    What a pity you can’t download these beautiful vector graphics. Why no download link on these ones as there are on many others on your site.

  • Tanner Rogers-Goode

    Hi Mauricio. Love the trees and liked the page. Any chance I can get the vector file?

  • mot

    Subscribed and haven’t got the download link..

  • mot

    I just subscribed and no link..

  • nancy

    I am unable to download, too.

  • Nancy Aronson

    this is me

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