40 Vector Translucent 3D Look RSS Icons

Remember my first RSS Vector Icons? Well now they come in a 3D translucent glossy style :). They are in Corel Draw and Adobe Ilustrator format as well as Transparent PNG. So your RSS Icon won’t be out of fashion (nor flat) any more.



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  • socram_v

    muy bonitos e interesantes estos iconos para web o blog,

  • mao

    Muchas gracias socram_v :) me alegro te gusten

  • http://www.turnthescrew.com DT

    Thanks for these awesome designs. Implemented one on my site today. Looks great. thanks again.

    Question….while the color matches 99.99%, is there anyway that I could sample a color from my header, and match it exactly to the color of the RSS feed block?

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  • Ivo

    Really awesome work … thanks a lot for seeing this shape of RSS icons.

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  • Puneet

    Thanx frd…

    Will soon b using for few of my blogs …. i was looking for some like this for one of my new blog too ;)

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  • mak

    Great set of RSS icons. Thanks for sharing it.

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  • Halo 3 Fan

    Wow! Giving 3D-look to an ordinary RSS icon is a really great idea!
    Now I’m going to download your icon pack and use of these to replace old flat RSS icon.

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  • http://www.visualcreativity.co.uk Jason

    A welcome change to the normal RSS feed logos in circulation.

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  • http://annpress.atwebpages.com Steph

    I love these Icons. They are the best that I have seen. Will definately come back and swipe at least one.

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  • http://www.unrealmedia.co.uk Unreal Media

    Very nice :) Thanks

  • http://vsocorp.com/ VSO Corp

    Thanks. It’s what I want!

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  • http://myseogal.com Carla @ My SEO Gal

    I just shared these. They are great. Can’t wait to put them on the site.

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  • http://mayrennecarvajal.blogspot.com/ Mayrenne

    Graicas por los iconos se ven ,uy padres

  • http://www.dizionario-sogni.com/ sogni

    Great set of RSS icons. Thanks for sharing it.

  • http://www.webdesign-gm.co.uk Tom – Website Design Bristol

    Really nice work, stuff like doesn’t go outta fashion

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  • http://www.bestusedlimousine.com/ Martin Luee

    This is really a nice Vector Icons.It looks much cute and very attractive.Hope to see such a still more icons in future!

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  • http://www.comoganardinerointernet.mex.tl Jorge Torres

    Exelente herramienta de trabajo. Felicidades !!

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  • http://www.bloggz.net Atif

    Wow – Great Icons list to see here – Thanks

  • Deon Schroeder

    Thanks for the information on that. I wrote it off as just another price, but I am about to take a look at it yet again.

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  • http://lllllll.me/ 七小罗汉


  • http://darlingdog.ru/ Irina

    A good collection of icons, thank you …

  • http://www.sognipedia.it/ SOGNI

    thanks! are really nice!

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  • http://www.ben-smith.net/ Ben Smith Design

    Nice work, the angles and shading are spot on

  • http://www.comoquemargrasaabdominal.mex.tl/ Aurelio Vargas

    Very Great Icons list !!
    Thanks !!!

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  • http://androidalive.wordpress.com/ Latest android news

    Fashionable set of icons.

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  • http://www.dizionario-online.net Sinonimi

    great set of icons!

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