You can run but you can’t hide from the iPhone hype. :) The world is now divided into iPhone owners and the iPhone Envious. I am on the envious poor side my self.

Many things have been said about why you might want to have an iPhone and why not, but the truth is that even for people who swore not be part of Mr. Jobs’ game, as soon as the guy at the next desk showed off his brand new iPhone, even they–you–started to crave it.

Until you finally got one.

Now, for those lucky iPhone guys who are not interested in being humble at all, why don’t you show your pride with these 320×480 witty iPhone wallpapers. Just imagine you are at a meeting and you are the only one with an iPhone. All those perplexed eyes around you read…

“Green With Envy?”


Download [ 375k in 7 320×480 .jpg files in 1 .zip]